Adaptec Driver Patch


This package applies a patch to the BeOS R4.5.1/4.5.2/R5 Adaptec SCSI driver (aic78xx) and enables one of the SCSI adapters below:

AHA-2930U Japanese retail version is AHA-2930CU.

CAUTION: this patch is made intentionally to modify the original driver directly. In addtion, the author actually neither own nor test with any of the above SCSI adapters. Result of operation is not guaranteed. Use with care.


Follow these instructions to enable one of the above SCSI adapters on a system where BeOS is already installed (in an IDE hard disk or something).

  1. Update your BeOS to R4.5.2 or later if it is R4.5.
  2. Apply the patch to the driver.

    Within the shell (Terminal), go to the directory created when you extracted this package, and run the shell script to apply the patch.

    $ cd patchaic-X.XX
    $ sh aha2930u2

    Alter aha2930u2 accordingly.

    The Adaptec driver (/system/add-ons/kernel/busses/scsi/aic78xx) will be modified to enable the specified adapter. The original driver will be retained as aic78xx.gz. If anything goes wrong, restore the original driver as follows and try again.

    $ cd /system/add-ons/kernel/busses/scsi
    $ gunzip aic78xx.gz
  3. Reboot.

    Make sure that your SCSI adapter and SCSI devices are recognized with SCSIProbe and DriveSetup.


Follow these instructions to install BeOS using a SCSI CD-ROM and/or SCSI hard disk connected to one of the above SCSI adapters. Make sure whether your installation CD is R4.5 or R4.5.2/R5.

  1. Create a new installation floppy.

    Create an installation floppy that can recognize your SCSI adapter. You must be running one of BeOS, Linux, *BSD, or Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Get a blank floppy. If you are to install R4.5, get the R4.5.2 installation floppy image in advance.

  2. Install BeOS

    Install BeOS using the created installation floppy. When done, boot with the installation floppy again and make sure that your SCSI devices are working (using SCSIProbe and DriveSetup). Note that you can't yet boot BeOS directly from your SCSI hard disk.

  3. Update to R4.5.2

    If you have instaled R4.5, update to R4.5.2. When done, boot with the installation floppy again. This step is unnecessary if you have installed from the R4.5.2 or later CD.

  4. Apply the patch to the driver

    Following the instructions mentioned above in "FOR SYSTEMS WITH BEOS ALREADY INSTALLED", apply the patch to the driver in your hard disk. Reboot when done.

Now you can install BeOS to your SCSI hard disk and boot it. Keep the new installation floppy. Even if update modules are released in the future, do not apply them unless you are sure that they support your SCSI adapter.


This package is freeware. The author is not liable for the result of operating this software. The author is under no obligation to fix bugs. The latest version is available in the author's web page.

Copyright (C) 1999 ITO Takayuki. All rights reserved.

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